Submarine Ovens

Victoria Quay, Fremantle   (08) 9335 8921

The Oberon class submarine Ovens was gifted by the Federal Government to the people of Western Australia. It is open to the public as part of the Western Australian Maritime Museum. Take the tour and see first hand what conditions are like inside a real submarine.

In Brief
  • Suited For: Families
In Detail

The Ovens was commissioned on the 18th May 1969. During its 26 years as an operational submarine with the Australian Navy, it has participated in a large number of exercises with both Australian and Allied forces throughout Asia and the Pacific. In 1986 Ovens became the first conventional submarine to fire the harpoon missile and followed up this success in 1987 with the sinking of the former HMAS Colok with a Mk 48 torpedo during a training exercise. Upon completion of service in 1997, Ovens was decommissioned and handed over to the WA Maritime Museum in 1998. It is still in the same condition as it was then, no equipment has been removed. It is now a WA Maritime Museum exhibit that serves as a living memorial to serving submariners and those who gave their lives whilst serving from Fremantle during World War II. Guided tours of the submarine depart every half hour from the Maritime Museum starting at 10:30am and running til 3:30pm. Entry charges apply.