St Bartholomew's House Inc.

7 Lime Street, East Perth   (08) 9323 5100

St Bartholomew’s House – provides community based support, accommodation and assistance to homeless individuals, and establishes collaborative partnerships with individuals and other organisations to eliminate or reduce homelessness.

In Detail
 Any service users hoping to register with St Bart's to secure accommodation should be aware that our Homeless Transitional Support Services (HTSS) will not be accepting any new admissions from Sunday 16th September 2012 through to Monday 8th October 2012. This is to enable current staff and residents to become familiar with the new building when we move to Lime Street.

During this time those seeking accommodation, will need to do so from alternative providers such as Salvation Army, 55 Central or St Pat’s and can also contact Crisis Care for advice on 9223 1111 or 1800 199 008.

Contact details for St Bart’s will remain the same (9323 5100), and after 8th October, clients can present to the new premises at 7 Lime Street.