Artezan expresso Bar

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The Italians call it dolce far niente: “the sweetness of doing nothing.” Australians call it hanging out or “hanging.” The social scientists discuss “flow experience” and the “expanded present”. Buddhists try to live in the moment. All these things can be done in artéZEN.

In Detail
You can disappear into written word or the world of your imagination.

You can notice and experience everything around you.

You can stop thinking altogether.

Espresso has long been a companion to us, whether it is the warm comforting cup on a solitary morning, an excuse for a private rendezvous, or a drink to be savored after dinner by a group of friends discussing politics, love and the meaning of life. One of coffee’s purest forms, with its deliciously bitter taste and irresistible aroma, espresso has become as much a part of our culture as it is to the Europeans

5 SENSES is roasted from the best of the best green beans the earth can manufacture 100% Arabica beans from the Simbu region of the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Here, a combination of rich volcanic soil and an equatorial climate combine to produce magnificent coffee growing conditions. Some coffee blends contain a portion of the best mixed with other lesser (though still reasonable) beans. A batch of 5 SENSES is purely the best of the best. 100% premium coffee from small growers in the mountains of New Guinea.

5 SENSES is not grown in plantations but by individual growers who are as passionate about their coffee as we are. After all, it is their livelihood. But there's still plenty of scope to enhance or detract from the taste of a coffee in the roast. Much of it has to do with the skill of the Master Roaster, some of it has to do with your palate. Giving your palate what it loves will equate to the best possible experience for you. 5 SENSES premium coffee a little below the equator.