Dunn & Walton Organic Store & Kitchen

Shop 8, 257 Scarborough Beach Rd, Doubleview   08 9242 7711

We believe there is a need for special places, those where you instantly feel welcome and at home.

In Detail

We believe there is a need for special places, those where you instantly feel welcome and at home. Since 2002 we have been in our present location, Gwelup, our home patch. However, this wasn't the beginning, the roots of the shop began setting over 20 years ago at Rick & Annie's local market garden shed and have since blossomed into the unique and wonderful place we now call Absolutely Organic WA.  A place we hold close, a true reflection of the ideas and experiences of our own as well as the influences of those involved over the years. 

Rick and Annie's daughter Arena and her partner Travis are now both completely focused on the shop. For years they were involved heavily in exercise and nutrition related study and work, as well as Arena placing 15 on Masterchef Australia 2011. They have taken valuable experience and knowledge with them and are incorporating it into the shop with their understanding of ethics which is in line with that of both Rick & Annie's. With their alternative, but refined cooking skills they have already been offering amazing takeaway food using only ingredients from the shop. They are bursting with more ideas and creativity that you will continue to see. 

From the beginning we have continued to provide a unique service that you could not expect to receive anywhere else. Not only do we offer a great range of certified organic and biodynamic food, but there is no room for confusion as we don’t stock foods that are not certified organic. Additionally, as mentioned above, all our prepared take away food, which is made by us here, contains only certified organic ingredients. We do stock some things that cannot be certified organic, mostly elements, which include water, salt, bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar and baking yeast.

As a CERTIFIED ORGANIC SHOP we are inspected and interviewed annually by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia). This certification requires that we check the certification on all products before including them in our range. We believe it is important for you to have confidence in the organic status of the food we sell. 

Rick & Annie having been certified organic growers, and the rest of us having some interest and experience we will always encourage you to try gardening. We can offer suggestions and opinions when asked and promote ideas such as container growing which is possible even if you have a tiny space. We support and encourage community gardening and believe it plays an important part in the community on many levels.  

Beyond organics we embrace and are involved with the local Fair Trade movement, you will find evidence of this throughout the store in both food and craft products. Fair Trade Fortnight occurs in May each year which includes many great activities we suggest you become involved in.

We also have a strong emphasis on reusing and recycling. The Health and Safety rules and regulations for a food shop do restrict us, but we are innovators and have worked out ways to comply and progress in this area.

We hope to see you in our shop and will be more than happy to help or guide you in any way we can, between us we have vast knowledge on food, growing food, nutrition, cooking and organics that we are more than willing to share. 

Absolutely Organic Team!