Illegal Tender Rum Co Pty Ltd

35 Illyarrie Road Springfield, Dongara   0435818887

The Midwest's internationally acclaimed Rum Distillery. Offering weekly tours into the world of craft distilling, sample some of our international award winning spirits, as you tour the distillery.

In Detail

Illegal Tender Rum Co started out as just a dream, something the owner never thought would happen.

A chance encounter with a mad man for rum, Codie had the confidence to go it alone and sell all of his assets to finance his dream - To be a boutique rum distillery in the heart of the Mid-West.

This made for some difficult and exciting times as the comfortable day job he'd once had became a distant memory as the new premise was constructed with suppliers being sourced and local freight companies found, as it became apparent the Mid-West is one of the only places to charge freight on a haircut.

That did not stop him though and with all this happening he was STILL tinkering away at a recipe that would be fit for the masses.

Not just any rum was going to be bottled, Codie wanted a Rum that is smooth enough to be sipped during winter next to a roaring fire but also a mixer you can enjoy down the beach with friends.

All the while taking 1 step forward but 8 steps back with the challenges of being an entrepreneur coming with a few punches, as he wasn't one of the big boys just yet.

Today almost 18 months later we have available the first offering from Illegal Tender Rum Co which we have affectionately named SPICED. We sold out in the first month of sales with the SPICED with some of the batch bottles making their way around Australia to sit proudly in many display cabinets.

We are now biding our time with our rum barrels as they sit quietly in the background observing their little sister go out and explore the world of bottle shops and online sales, as they still have a few months left of aging to be able to call the spirit Rum. Come April 2018 though break out the glasses as we will have the first ever rum from the distillery available!

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