Peron Homestead Artesian Bore

Peron Homestead Artesian Bore, Denham   (08) 9948 1253

The artesian water comes out of the ground at Carnarvon Basin at 35-60 degrees Celsius. The Peron homestead is the site of the first artesian bore at Peron Peninsula.

In Brief
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In Detail

The artesian bores were initially drilled to provide greater quality water for the stock on the pastoral land that used to occupy the area. The bore at the homestead was drilled in the 1920s at a depth of 542m. The water is now used for the captive breeding program on the national park land and as a water source for native fauna. A new bore was drilled in 1998 when the original artesian bore's flow rate declined to the extent that it could not provide an adequate supply to the animals in the area.