Giorgi Exclusive Homes

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Giorgi Exclusive Homes differs from using a traditional architectural service in a number of important ways.

In Detail

For instance, after the initial conceptual design is completed you will know exactly what it will cost to build prior to proceeding further. By contrast, a traditional architectural service firstly has to produce a contract set of drawings then tender these documents out to separate builders before a cost can be determined.

This prolonged process is not only expensive and time consuming but often results in further delays as re-designs, re-documentation and re-tendering are required to achieve the desired budget, all at additional cost and time to you the client.

At Giorgi Exclusive Homes we are both the architect and builder so our approach is more streamlined. We are able to provide you with everything you need upfront: a detailed architectural concept and a complete and accurate builder’s quotation.

Even more importantly, all this involves a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional architectural service, allowing you to make decisions on your investment with clarity.

If you proceed, unlike a traditional architect we do not charge for the ongoing involvement of our architect in the design process through to completion. Because we employ our own architect, he is able to remain involved throughout the entire design and construction process.

These essential differences result in substantial savings to you and a superior level of service.