Authentic Determination


Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Brigid Noone has expanded her painting practice into an experimental hybrid of artistic and curatorial processes.

In Brief

Dates: May 05 - Aug 18, 2018
Venue / Address:
Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery
35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley

In Detail

She often incorporated the work of other artists into her wall paintings and installations or worked collaboratively to produce co- authored exhibitions. As co-director of Fontantelle, a gallery and studio complex now located in the heritage precinct of Port Adelaide, Noone has been instrumental in recent discussions about feminism and community in contemporary Australian art. 

Authentic Determination sees Noone apply her unique methodology to the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art, considering the artist as ‘whole being’. Noone will open a conversation between the collection, her own work and the work of her peers, exploring how the complex lives of artists are embodied in their work.

Exhibitions from the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art are supported by SHEILA A foundation for women in visual art.