Kerry Sibly


Kerry ‘Sibbo’ Sibly had supressed his artistic talents for most of his life, instead concentrating on a more ‘serious’ career path including engineering, architecture and IT, yet job satisfaction still eluded him… until now.

In Brief
  • Galleries: Painting, Metal Work, Mixed Media, Upcyclng, Artist Studio
  • Open Days: By Appointment Only
In Detail

He is currently building his family home and studio, while dabbling with his art and graphic design passions.

Painting is simply his way of stirring up the days emotions, pouring them onto canvas and squishing them around with a brush. Kerry is a ‘blow-in’ to Cowaramup (from Melbourne), chasing the serene pipe dream of a simpler life, yet still cannot take a back seat. He painted nearly 50 fibreglass cows through town and continues to maintain them. This led him to a peculiar fondness of the bovine species and he tries to capture their individual personalities in his portraits.

Weathered timber and rusted steel is too often overlooked. I upcycle scrap into precious artworks. Building my own canvases from rusty old milking sheds, I then adorn them with portraits of the former inhabitants.