Tunbridge Gallery

Napoleon Close, Shop 6, Cottesloe   (08) 9284 2800

Established specifically to showcase Aboriginal art, all artworks are sourced from art centres throughout Western Australia, the Central & Western Desert, the Top End and Tiwi Islands.

In Brief
  • Galleries: Painting, Sculpture, Craft, Aboriginal, Art Gallery
  • Open Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
In Detail
The gallery stocks a large selection of paintings and prints from all the Kimberley art centres, paintings from the Pilbara, paintings and weaving from the Western Desert and APY Lands communities, as well as bark paintings, wood sculpture and baskets from Arnhem Land and painting and wood carvings from the Tiwi Islands.  All work is sourced from art centres owned and run by aboriginal communities.
We are committed to show top end work as well as encouraging emerging artists and educating our clients about all aspects of aboriginal art and culture.