Humphrey Homes

52 Florence St, Cottesloe   (08) 9284 5444

As an Architectural Practice every Humphrey Home is created from start to finish to be the realisation of our clients vision and dreams.

In Detail

Our homes are designed and built to be absolutely unique and individual. To us, the idea of personalised architecture and building extends further than the actual home we are designing; it’s about working with you during the design stage, and the building stage, at a pace, level of involvement and detail that suits you. Every client has their own personal requirements, concerns, budget limitations and goals.

It is our goal to satisfy our clients on every level. To achieve this goal we don’t use impersonal company processes or rigid procedures. Nor do we employ sales people, adding another layer of communication and cost. Our way of doing business starts by spending time getting to know each other. After all would you choose to work with someone for a year or more if you don’t feel comfortable with them?