Cargo Carts


Food Rescue's Cargo Carts project engages corporate volunteers to roam the streets of the CBD, collecting food waste from city cafes and restaurants, to give to those in need.

In Detail

The Cargo Carts are pushed around the streets of the CBD, by corporate volunteers who get out from behind their desks to spend a couple of hours giving back to the community. This project was launched in November 2014.

All perfectly good, excess produce from cafes, generally thown in the bin at the end of the day, is stocked up in the cart to then be delivered that same afternoon directly to soup kitchens and refuges. The food is kept in temperature controlled cooler boxes inside the cart, covered in ice blankets.

The fresh rescued food is kept in temperature-controlled cooler boxes and covered in ice blankets - See more at:

The carts collect on average 1,000 items each week, such as rolls, sandwiches and wraps.

The Not for Profit project is calling for volunteers to push the carts, sort through produce in the warehouse, and help out with office duties.