Helga Huebner


She works with rhythm, which gives her art work a sense of movement and energy. Transforming her blank canvas into eye capturing pieces of art. Come and say hello to Helga!

In Brief
  • Galleries: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Print Making, Artist Studio
  • Open Days: By Appointment Only
In Detail

Born and raised in Southern Germany, Helga migrated to Australia in 1986. She is a self taught award winning contemporary artist, who over the years, has developed her own style using acrylic, combined with various methods and painting tools to create unique effects and brings concepts to life.

Helga has a strong concept in mind before starting to paint. She often uses luminous mauves and different shades of blue to give her paintings a mysterious feeling of another world. Or using quickly applied impasto gel, creating a bright and cheerful presence, amplified with a 3D effect.