Curtin University Research Centre


As the second phase in a wider development to create a coherent engineering precinct at Curtin University, Building 216 is a new research centre that embraces flexibility and natural light.

In Detail

Curtin University Research Centre was a collaborative endeavor to realize the vision of providing a flexible, multipurpose facility within the surrounding Science and Engineering hub that could evolve to suit the changing needs of the University over time, and showcase the research achievements of the faculty.

The planning incorporates both individual and common spaces to encourage the sharing and engagement of ideas between staff and students at all levels of education to foster a vibrant research community.  The design had to negotiate a compact site with a variety of competing floor levels and was required to adaptively re-use an existing single storey laboratory building. The structural solution has resulted in a series of pre-cast faceted arch segments. The graphic nature of these angular elements was used to derive the patterning to the east and west facades.

The design aims to maximize views and natural day lighting for the occupants, both through the internal arrangement of space, and the elevational treatments.