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Working for a future free from poverty

In Detail

How we work

We’ve been fighting poverty and injustice for more than 50 years. But what exactly does this mean?

Contributing to long-term development

Poor people can take control, solve their own problems, and rely on themselves – with the right support. We fund long-term projects around the world and work in a range of areas, from water and sanitation to education and health, to bring about positive change in people’s lives.

Campaigning for change

Poverty isn’t just about lack of resources. In a wealthy world it’s about bad decisions made by powerful people.

We form part of a global movement of people committed to achieving a fairer world by:

  • Partnering with Australians to campaign on the issues that matter – more than 50,000 Australians took action with us in the 2010/2011 financial year
  • Empowering communities in developing countries to realise their rights and improve their lives
  • Engaging with organisations and governments to change policies that cause poverty and inequality

Responding to emergencies

People need help in an emergency – fast. We save lives, swiftly delivering aid, support and protection; and we help people prepare for future crises. Right now, we’re responding to these emergencies around the world.

All of our work seeks one overall outcome: to bring about positive change in the lives of people living in poverty.

Our approach

Our work with people living in poverty is guided by a rights-based approach – the belief that every human being has rights and that these rights are inalienable, universal, indivisible and interdependent. We believe that respect for human rights will help lift people out of poverty and injustice, allow them to assert their dignity and bring about sustainable development.

Our work is focused on four goals:

1. Economic Justice

We support people to make a decent living, leading dignified lives free from poverty and hunger.

2. Essential Services

We help people to access clean water, healthcare, education and sanitation.

3. Rights in crisis

We support people to live safe from war, violence and natural disaster.

4. Gender Justice

We support women and men to enjoy equal rights, and live free from violence and discrimination.