Discovery Bay Tourism Experience

81 Whaling Station Rd, Frenchman Bay   (08) 9844 4021

Discovery Bay is home to Australia’s last operating Whaling Station, a stunning Botanic Garden of Australian plants and a display offering visitors a close up experience with Australian Wildlife.

In Brief
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In Detail

Discovery Bay Tourism Experience near Albany is a truly unique attraction.

It is home to Australia’s last operating Whaling Station, a stunning Botanic Garden of Australian plants and a display offering visitors a close up experience with friendly Australian Wildlife.

You can choose to explore either our whaling history, or the gardens and wildlife, or the entire site to make a real day of it! Pack a picnic or BBQ lunch and spend a day discovering lots you didn’t know about the Great Southern region.

Situated at the tip of the Flinders Peninsula, the heritage-listed “Whale World” site has undergone dramatic change since 2004. Now maximising its location, Discovery Bay is a showcase of amazing regional bio-diversity, yet still remains true to the original whaling display.

Historic Whaling Station guided tours are included with admission, while informative displays are provided to enjoy the gardens and wildlife at your own pace.

Historic Whaling Station

Come explore our fascinating whaling history with a visit to the restored Historic Whaling Station, which was built in the 1950’s and operational into the late 1970’s. Learn about the Cheynes Beach Whaling Company, the last to close in Australia and climb aboard the famous whale chaser to experience life on board an actual whaling ship.

History comes alive as you join a 40 minute guided tour, operating hourly from 10am to 3pm each day, and find yourself immersed in the sights and sounds of the restored processing factory. Experience feature presentations inside the three whale oil storage tanks which have been carefully converted to theatres. Explore the photo and artefact galleries and marvel at the enormous whale skeletons on display.

You haven't seen Albany until you've visited the Historic Whaling Station!

Open 9am to 5 pm every day (only closed 25th December) Allow at least 2 - 3 hours for your exciting journey!

Australian Wildlife

Discover the native wildlife enclosures and meet our friendly native animals!

Wombats, bandicoots and possums you may have heard of, but have you met a bettong, pademelon or woylie before? Discovery Bay is also home to rare white kangaroos, flying foxes and two entertaining characters – Bruce and Frank – our resident koalas. After meeting them, discover our kangaroos and wallabies which are so friendly that they may hop right up alongside you for a photo.

Open 9am to 4pm every day (only closed 25th December)

Botanic Garden

Relax in our Botanic Garden featuring thousands of stunning native plants and an enhanced wetland environment – all accessed by comfortable boardwalk paths suitable for wheelchairs. Wander the pathways and enjoy the natural beauty while you search out birds and frogs which have made happy homes here. Viewing stations along the way allow you to sit and take in the stunning coastline and offer perfect whale watching spots in the winter months.

Our wildflower ‘living murals’ burst into colour each Spring. It is a nature photographer’s paradise featuring dozens of wildflower specimens, all endemic to the South West region of W.A.

Open 9am to 4pm every day (only closed 25th December)


Discovery Bay

81 Whaling Station Road, Frenchman Bay WA 6330

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Whaler's Galley Café

Located inside the Discovery Bay visitor complex.

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