Mt Romance Sandalwood Factory Albany

Lot 2 Down Rd, Albany   (08) 9845 6888

An award-winning tourist attraction featuring tours of Sandalwood oil production and offering Australian-made unique skincare products. Relax and re-energise in our signature Gong or Spa session, to restore your well being.

In Brief
  • Suited For: Families, Seniors
  • Shopping: Health & Beauty
In Detail

Visitors to our Sandalwood Factory at Mount Romance, one of Albany’s major tourism facilities and award–winning venues, can enjoy a variety of activities seven days a week from 9am to 5pm.

Tours throughout the day give visitors an insight into the history of the Australian Sandalwood industry and the sandalwood oil extraction process. Today, as the world’s largest producer of Sandalwood oil, Mount Romance supplies pure Sandalwood oil to the major fragrance houses of the world for use in famous perfume brands including Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Armani and Yves Saint Lauren, as well as the aromatherapy market.

Committed to the high quality of our Sandalwood skincare products suited for various skin types, Mount Romance has formulated our world’s first anti-aging product range, 2bYoung, using Australian Sandalwood Nut Oil and Protein.

A visit to Mount Romance is not complete without taking the time to totally relax. Indulge in personalised beauty treatments where our product ranges are specifically incorporated into each treatment for the ultimate pampering experience. Enjoy our famous “Cone, Gong and Bowl” which combines the powers of the Sandalwood scent. The resonant sounds of the Gongs will create a deep relaxation and meditative state of mind.

Complete your Sandalwood experience in Mount Romance, with a selection of homemade cakes and meals with the rich smell of locally roasted West Cape Coffee at our Sandalwood Café.