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Top Tips: Places to Exlpore

Top Tips: Places to Exlpore


We got some tips for kids’ activities from the experts at BIG Kids Magazine – a contemporary arts publication that features the work of children and artists side by side, run by artist Lilly Blue and Perth’s Jo Pollitt.

There are many fabulously inspiring places to explore with children in Perth. Creative projects for kids are flourishing, with each journey coloured by incredible street art that is bringing the city to life. We love the brand new Milktooth arts project, where kids can take art classes in Spanish; Nu Dance Collective for creative dance; Rose Skinner’s Children’s School of Contemporary Art and, of course, the Awesome Festival and the Fringe World family program for a smorgasbord of shows and activities

Visit the Perth Cultural Centre with a walk through PICA and the Art Gallery of WA (especially their brilliantly curated kids’ art book section) – then stroll to the Water Labyrinth in Forrest Place. Relax at Beaufort Street Books for kids’ book readings, after a treat from Veggie Mama around the corner, or head on the train to Fremantle Arts Centre for a garden picnic. Explore the world at Kings Park nature playground or search for turtles as you scooter around Hyde Park.

Beaufort Street Books


Entering the world together with a matched curiosity and passion for adventure can make the simplest outing into a creative experience.

1. Carry a sketchbook and pencils to record interesting discoveries.
2. Take photos of unusual patterns or videos of things that move.
3. Make up a short story that has an unexpected ending, set in the supermarket.
4. Trip yourself over and turn it into a dance.
5. Write a poem inspired by the weather.
6. Collaborate with your child on a drawing over lunch, taking turns to complete the picture.

BIG Kids Magazine is an art experience you can take with you or dive into at home. Visit for more information.

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