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Top 5 French Film Festival

Top 5 French Film Festival

French Riviera.

TOP 5 French Film Festival

Those damn Frenchies: they always manage to produce films that are equal parts charming, romantic and subversive. The annual Alliance Francaise French Film Festival scores a spot on every francophile and film buff’s calendar – we ask Carine Bougnague, director of the Alliance Francaise de Perth, for her top picks.

1. Diplomatie

“I loved it because the film relays a moment of history that could have changed the face of the most beloved capital in the world, Paris. The film is a breathtaking psychological thriller between two characters/actors at the very top of their game.”

2. The Bélier Family

“This is the feel-good film of the festival. Don’t miss this wonderful family movie! Laughter and tears guaranteed.”

3. Les Gazelles

“A good comedy for the ladies, Les Gazelles is a sharp look at the daily life
of a group of girls. I could be one of these Gazelles…”

4. French Riviera

“A prestigious cast and director, this is an exciting mystery as well as a love story between two star-crossed lovers. I just loved it.”

5. The Connection

“A thrilling gangster film in the vein of Scorsese, with excellent performances
by the gorgeous Jean Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche.“

Cinema Paradiso, The Windsor, Luna on SX, Mar 19-Apr 7.

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