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Quick 3 with Braised Bros

Quick 3 with Braised Bros

Dieters, shield your eyes. The food from Braised Bros is all about gluttony – finger-licking, savage-gnawing, plate-cleaning gluttony. Forget #cleaneating, we’re gonna be devouring their offerings – like crumbed camembert or beef cheek burgers – with #noregrets. We’ll have ample opportunity to do so, too – they’re one of 10 food trucks selected for the Perth Food Truck Trial, which allows them to trade in the CBD, seven days a week. Ryan, Gareth and Leigh from Braised Bros tell us how they feel about defying the clean-eating trend, and what to eat when the weather heats up.

Okay, so your food is sort of the antithesis to the green juice and granola trend. Was that a deliberate choice?
It was a choice to prepare the sort of food we enjoy eating, cooking, and ultimately seeing people enjoying. Something’s got to be said about seeing someone with a giant smile on their face with gravy running down their cheeks.

What’s so special about you guys?
All three of us are experienced chefs, so we have a great appreciation of classic cooking methods. With that naturally comes an appreciation for fine produce – all the food we prepare is the best we can get our hands on, and only WA-sourced. We are bringing restaurant food to the streets!

What’s the best meal for summer?
We do an apple-braised pork belly that’s sensational; it is served with a pickled-apple-and-cucumber salad and roast-apple purée. It has an intense pork flavour but is helped out with the lightness of the salad and purée. Perfect for summer! 

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