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Q&A with The Gipsy Kings

Q&A with The Gipsy Kings


Who loves the sultry flamenco stylings of the Gipsy Kings? Well, at least 25 million of us, if their record sales are anything to go by. We chat to lead guitarist and co-producer Tonino Baliardo about the hotly awaited 25th anniversary tour, Grammy-winning latest album, and what’s in store for Perth audiences.

As a band, you’ve been active for more than 36 years. How have you managed
to stay current?

Touring is a big part of what we do as a band, playing in many different countries
and cultures around the world. It helps keep our music fresh. We also get to listen
to much more music than in the past, with the internet.

How do you think being brothers has affected the dynamic of the band?
Our family is most important. We have been bringing our sons on tour, who have
been bringing us new ideas, and we have been using those ideas to go to different places, musically. Our sons will be joining us in Australia, so you will get a chance to see that first hand.

How do you channel the same level of emotion at every show?
It’s easy – our audience brings the energy. They are the reason we perform.
In Australia, our audience loves our older songs and embraces our new material.
What was your experience growing up in France, playing Spanish-inspired music?
Our families and the Gypsy communities in the south of France have always inspired and encouraged us. We were able to learn from our communities’ different styles and flavours, which still keep us going today.

What can audiences expect from the show in Perth?
I think Perth will get a perfect mixture of new and old, our traditions and what we are trying to do for the future. We will make you dance!

Tell us about your new Grammy award-winning album, Savor Flamenco.
Savor Flamenco is an extension of what we've been creating for 25 years, except that this was the first album we produced ourselves. The process has been amazing. Nicolas (Reyes, lead vocalist) and I wrote and arranged all the songs. Producing the project, we were able to work in our time frame and create music that was inspiring us directly. It was a long process, as we tried to experiment with different ideas. Some worked, some didn’t, but it is very much our own project and we are really proud of it.

Perth Convention Centre, Apr 13.

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