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Q&A with Steph Pacca

Q&A with Steph Pacca

What is your favourite time of the day to exercise?
Early morning. I like to wake up and start my day with
a sweat. It makes me feel better and more energised for the rest of the day – and keeps me on track with my goals.

What is your favourite outdoor spot to go for a run?
The bush tracks near my house. I love running along these tracks, by all the trees and lakes.

What makes exercising outdoors in Perth so good?
The weather! It’s perfect to run outdoors in the mornings, when the sun comes up and it’s not too hot yet.

Ultimate smoothie combo?
Frozen blueberries, maca powder, peanut butter, coconut milk and vanilla protein.

Any motivational tips?
Even if you aren’t feeling like doing an intense workout every day, just move – even for five minutes. Move and you will feel better! 

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