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Q&A with Andrea Goh

Q&A with Andrea Goh

How would you describe your style?
My style is quite varied, and changes with my mood. But I really do love Japanese designers, so I guess it’s loosely based on the Japanese aesthetic.

What are the items on your winter wish list?
Versatile, black, leather ankle boots are on the top of my list – I’m sure Dilettante will have an awesome pair. There’s also an awesome textured black bomber in ShopGoh [her new online store,] that I’m eyeing at the moment, but we only have two of them in stock, so I’m trying really hard to leave them for customers!

Where do you head for a bargain?
Zomp – they always have a great sale section.

Dilettante. Photography by Jedda Andrews.


If you had a limitless budget, where would you go to splurge?
Dilettante, for sure!

Weirdest place you’ve scored a gem?
Sussan is not my vibe at all, but I followed my mum in there once and found the cutest white cotton nightie.

What does the Perth shopping scene need more of?
I would love to see more eclectic, independent boutiques pop up.

Any local designers you’re loving right now?
Poppy Lissiman and One Fell Swoop.

Best shop for:
Casual clothes –
Cocktail dresses – Dilettante
Jewellery – Cultstatus
Homewares – Ricarda
Shoes – Zomp

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