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Cultural Change for Kids

Cultural Change for Kids

Cultural Infusion Programs

Forget chemistry and choir- students that are culturally aware is the new curriculum essential for schools nationwide.

Despite a gallant effort from schools to educate their students in the Arts, Cultural Infusion have stepped in with their programs to turn the next generation into enlightened Aussies. 

The team behind the not for profit organisation say the theory is to 'create bridges between various areas of learning', namely the many customs and cultures around the world.

The Melbourne based program is creating a buzz around the topic of multiculturalism- and that it's essential for students to grow up understanding, and inspired by the cultures that actually surround them. They believe delivering these exciting and vibrant school programs that introduce students to cultures through the arts is a sure way to drive change.  

Its our differences that make us who we are, so the C.I team bring focus on "understanding some of the differences in how people eat and dress, sign and gesture and say things". 

Primarily through dance, music and performing arts, Cultural Infusion are touring primary and secondary schools Australia wide. Penrhos College in Perth are one of the first schools in WA to join in, and will take part in the Commedia Dell'Arte program- a form of Italian sketch theatre. The art form is described as 'loud, dramatic, clever comedy with zany characters that will have you laughing for days'- who wouldn't love that. 

Time for positive change and cultural harmony? We couldn't agree more. 

Head to for more info. 

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